Ally Karpiak

The familiar yet abnormal is apparent in my work. I often work with specific references to landscape, architecture, and the human body. I am interested in obscuring and fracturing these references through various amounts of layering, so that they are not fully explicit to the viewer. I impose an overall feeling or mood, one that is often ominous, to each work through my use of color, which is sometimes overwhelmingly saturated or muddy. This creates a level of cloudiness and distance from the original reference, both for the viewer and for myself as the creator of the work. My work juxtaposes fluid, organic forms with stiff and structural forms, creating a tension in mobility.


I develop a field of marks that elicits a fully immersive, and crowded composition, establishing a sense of chaos, intensity, and unease. I frequently cover an entire painting, leaving only a few marks or windows of color from one version of the painting to the next. This allows me to further distance a work from its beginning form, leaving behind only a semblance of a memory or shadow.

In the studio